Protecting your investment
Written by Bill Murphy on Apr. 1st 2019
Ever been burned by a solar lead gen company?

That's because they don't actually know what they are doing.

It's easy for someone to show up with some shiny objects and tell you they can provide results, but have they actually got their clients results?

Listen, I get it:

You're a high performer... investing in your business comes with the territory.

Allow me the opportunity to protect the investment you have already made, even in those previous companies.

Watch this quick testimonial from Tommy and learn how it all turned out amazing for him and his family in the end, shortly after they signed up for the Solar Cheat Code.


Bill Murphy

Bill Murphy is an entrepreneur from Houston, Texas who has been working in the solar industry for over a decade.

Bill is a digital marketing consultant who helps solar companies profit wildly through digital marketing. He has personally managed a large digital ad spend on behalf of clients and been able to consistently prove ROI.