"Don't Mess With Texas!"
Written by Bill Murphy on Mar. 14th 2019
In 1985 the Texas Department of Transportation asked Mike Blair and Tim McClure of GSD&M to create a slogan for an anti-littering campaign.
At the time the state of Texas spent about $20 million annually to clean litter from highways.

McClure said that "bubbas in pickup trucks" who regularly littered beer cans and other items out of vehicle windows and ordinary Texans who believed that littering was a "God-given right" were targets of the advertising campaign.

Mike and Tim knew that using the standard fear tactic eg, "Littering fines $500" approach would likely be useless in this situation because the "Bubbas" self interests. 

"Bubbas" are the schema for the "type" of Texan the campaign was trying to target. 

"Bubbas" Mike and Tim determined, are inherently anti-authority, and threatening them with a fine would be ineffective, or could even back fire!

So they instead re-purposed the popular phase, "Don't mess with Texas" to show "Bubba" that "people like him" didn't litter. 

So instead of threatening Bubba, the anti-littering campaign "Don't Mess With Texas" appealed to Bubbas sense of "Texaness." 🤔

This campaign went on to visibly change the roadsides of the entire state of Texas!

So when understanding that people's self interests aren't limited to themselves, and instead can be framed NOT to show your prospect what "they should do,"

but rather show them "WHAT PEOPLE LIKE THEM DO."

You become an incredibly powerful salesperson.

Bill Murphy

Bill Murphy is an entrepreneur from Houston, Texas who has been working in the solar industry for over a decade.

Bill is a digital marketing consultant who helps solar companies profit wildly through digital marketing. He has personally managed a large digital ad spend on behalf of clients and been able to consistently prove ROI.